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Retail Cafe is a complete POS system developed for F&B. The system has features to cater to restaurants and fast food chains. The Retailcafe system has main functions like, Restaurant Billing, Order taking & Kitchen notification message and generate reports. The optional system comes with Mobile Order Taking module. By using this function. order will be notified directly to the kitchen after the table ordering.


• Table Assignment • Order Taking/ Order Cancellation • Table Utilization • Take Away


• Customer Check Out • Bill Discounts, Item Exchange • Bill Hold, Release & Cancel • Merge & Split Bill Options • Cashier Transactions (Cash In/Out) • Multi Pay mode Options • Cashier Settlement & Day End


• Organization Setup • Terminal Setup • Category Setup • Group Setup • Item Setup • Modifier Setup • Inventory/Purchase Management • Role Based Security


• Void /Cancel/FOC Reports • Paymode reports and More • Management Reports • Sales Analysis • Time Analysis • Daily Settlement Report • Auto E-mailing of Sales reports & Many more reports

Centralized System
(Head Quarters System)
The centralized is server is used to update the overall system like price change, product input, food availability, special promotion etc. all the reports can be generated in the server. At the day end process or shift process the system will generate a report and notify the person in charge through email. Specific report like sales report, cash transaction report will be generated and sent to the specific email. All outlets reports and changes in the menu or the price changes will automatically sync every ten minutes to all outlets.
Sales Order System
This system is to notify the waiters that the order in the kitchen is ready for delivery to the customer. The waiter sees the table number and sends the order the specific table. This system also monitors the table availability for customer also. The waiter will pass a receipt to the customer once they have completed dine in or takeaway process.
Kitchen Order / Master Display (KOT)
Kitchen Order display is located in the kitchen shows the orders with all modification in the order created by customers or waiter with the table number indicated in it. This helps the kitchen staffs to speed up the delivery of the orders from kitchen placed by the customers. In addition the kitchen display shows the order real –time, when an order was created, who created the order, so that the kitchen staffs know which order has priorities. There will be a main collection display which will notify the waiters that the food is ready to serve to the customers in the respective tables.

Kitchen Printer

The kitchen printers are used in different kitchen to prepare the food as per the order requirement. This is a replacement for kitchen order display (KOT). For small restaurants they may go for this option for cost saving than implementing kitchen order display (KOT). These printers are connected with the network cables from a network points.


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